Publications du mois de Septembre 2018

Chebil, M. S., McGraw, J. D., Salez, T., Sollogoub, C., & Miquelard-Garnier, G. (2018). Influence of outer-layer finite-size effects on the dewetting dynamics of a thin polymer film embedded in an immiscible matrix. Soft Matter, 14(30), 6256-6263.

Quaranta, G., Bognet, B., Ibañez, R., Tramecon, A., Haug, E., & Chinesta, F. (2018). A new hybrid explicit/implicit in-plane-out-of-plane separated representation for the solution of dynamic problems defined in plate-like domains. Computers and Structures, Article in press

Yang, S., Dirrenberger, J., Monteiro, E., & Ranc, N. (2018). Representative volume element size determination for viscoplastic properties in polycrystalline materials. International Journal of Solids and Structures, Article in press